About us

A curious partnership with a passion for Family Businesses, Food and Drink Entrepreneurs and Co-Working!

We recreated Thomas Jardine & Co to encourage people to TASTE the PLACE and SHINE a LIGHT on the wealth of family operated  businesses and food and drink makers and sellers in our region.  Our work has allowed us time to work with University of Cumbria, Lancaster University, Centre for Regional Economic Development, Carlisle City Partnerships, Blakemore Ltd, Institute of Place Management, Food Standards Agency and the Centre for Leadership Performance.

The key thing is we are practical, hands on operators with OODLES of ‘lived’ experience in Family Business, the Food and Drink sector and Retail, we now also operate a Co-Working space for businesses of all kinds to do their thing!

As fourth generation directors of Thomas Jardine & Co we owned and operated an award winning Convenience store business in SW Scotland, completed MA’s in Business Management and a stint with Universities doing some PhD level research around supply chain relationships and family business respectively.  Work from this research has been presented at various academic conferences, published in journals and the Dept for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS, now BEIS).  We also authored a Family Business chapter within the Handbook of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (2014).

Now in our 5th generation, with Dan Jackson joining us, bringing a BA (Hons) and a decade of  Management experience we take all our history and heritage forward with a bucket load of innovation, to help Family Businesses and Food and Drink Entrepreneurs grow.