On it

Leading any business or organisation can be a lonely place, but we can help! We started with our Guilders and our monthly ‘On It’ club.


We are now opening it up to business leaders, founders and entrepreneurs based outside our coworking space!  Joining will literally unscramble noise, save you time and keep you on track!


What’s in it for you?

  • Peer to peer problem solving with other business leaders – unscramble!

  • Peer to peer opportunity scoping with other business leaders – save time!

  • Business talking to business about business – keep on track!

  • Interactive masterclasses throughout the year from active business owners

  • Business tools brought to life to help your business move forward.

  • Build your business toolbox!

  • Monthly 90 min sessions via Zoom

  • If you can’t make a specific session, we will share the model and/or slides with you.

All for only £25* per month

(included in Guild membership)