Food and Drink and the Business Eco-System

Our map

We believe in the power of Food and Drink on the Business Eco-System in our region.  Consequently we have taken time to MAP the awesome Food and Drink Sector….we salute you all!  Of course a business eco-system includes ALL business as FOOD cannot stand alone, it needs digital, creative, legal, finance, joinery, plumbing, PR, consultants, education, retailers, wholesalers, transport, logistics…..the list goes on!  Vibrant business economy is what is needed for all to succeed.


Free listing as a thank you to our wonderful Food & Drink Businesses

We will try to keep this as up to date as possible.  If you want to add other outlets or producers just email us at  or ring 07803  899952


The map below lists all the local food and drink producers we are aware of.  Check these guys out and treat yourself to some of their great products.  And if any of these details need changed please let us know.

Why is this important?

Organisations like Cumbria Tourism brilliantly support the tourist sector. The Farmers Network works with the farming sector.  The Lake District Travel Guide celebrates place for visitors. Savour the Flavours are there for the food and drink sector in D&G. The Guild is a home for the digital creatives that can support the eco-system. We want to bridge the gap across the whole eco-system.

Leading business can be a lonely and noisy place!

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