To get YOU to where YOU want to be.

We specialise in Family Operated Businesses, Food & Drink Entrepreneurs and Business Growth Stages.  It’s our heritage and passion to help support you and your business to flourish.

We are fifth generation and definitely in it for the long-term, we are not about business size, simply about solutions and profile raising for family operated businesses and those awesome entrepreneurs who want to flourish.

We love this sector so much we have BOUGHT a building, THE GUILD, home to our award winning CO-WORKING SPACE for wonderful and an award winning coffee roastery and artisan donut maker Bruce and Luke’s Coffee and Donuts – a HUB in the making.

If you are a Family Business or a Business which is growing faster than you can keep pace with, then we could be for you

If you are a Family Business or a Business which has grown and your now immersed in firefighting, then we could be for you

If you are a Family Business or a Business who knows something has got to change but your not sure how, then we ARE for you

We are here for you

We understand business and in particular family businesses are brilliantly complex so we work with you, your family and your business in the complete understanding that current and future owners and leaders need to:

  • Have business skills

  • Hold the business and family values

  • Learn to lead the business

  • Learn to ‘let go’ the business

Come and have a coffee and a chat, no charge and the coffee’s awesome.  Take an hour out of your busy day and see what ideas could be generated.

Go on, what have you got to lose?


Our heritage is in Family and Foodie businesses, so knowing the best most credible information source is vital to our offer, so we have built great relationships with Lancaster University, Centre for Regional Economic Development, University of Cumbria, Food Standards Agency, Food Partnerships, Institute of Place Management, Family Businesses, Food Producers, City of Carlisle, Revive and Thrive and so much more.  We believe the best information in the right hands feeds the best businesses.


Our service is for those in Business – be they Family, Foodie, Growing, Firefighting or otherwise!  They need to want to create space to: do more, be better, be confident and be challenged.  Like us they need to want something to change and be prepared to hear what needs to be heard.  Busy is safe, space is scary…..or is it?

What do businesses say about us?

Hearing the news from Jacqui that she was embarking on resurrecting her family businesses name and her vison of the new venture was great news, not only for Jacqui but also the local business community as I feel Jacqui has so much to offer them.  My experience working with Jacqui over the last 18 months facilitating our group has certainly helped my business, her in-depth business knowledge is just first class and she always delivers advise that is clear and concise.

When I look for key roles within my own business I look for people whom are entrepreneurial, focused and have a can do, roll your sleeves up and get stuck in attitude, if a crisis ensues I can honestly say that Jacqui is someone whom you would want on your team.

I wish Jacqui, her family and Bruce and Luke’s Coffee all the success in the world and I am confident with Jacqui’s visionary skills, success is only around the corner.

Adrian Cresswell, Managing Director, AM Support Services Ltd

As part of a group of business owners that meet regularly to review our businesses, Jacqui is a real asset to our group and is hugely respected for the insights and challenges that she offers to each of us.  Jacqui is very calm, and considered in her views, always constructive and non-judgemental, she draws on her knowledge and experience to add value to each of our businesses, and to guide and encourage us in developing our businesses further.  You know this comes not from a textbook, but from having been there, done it and got the t-shirt. If the opportunity arises for Jacqui to provide you with some support take it, you won’t regret it.

Andy Hooper, Managing Director, Westlakes Engineering Ltd

I'm very exited about Jacqui's new venture for start up or aspiring businesses to come together in a supportive environment.

Personally I have found being part of a peer group with like minded companies invaluable in developing my family food manufacturing business. Jacqui has facilitated my group and brought a level of discipline and knowledge that has helped propel me and my business forward. I find her quiet yet steely style uplifting and I am constantly inspired by her depth of knowledge across a wide range of food retailing and family business issues, based on her personal experience.

The business mentoring, I have received from Jacqui has helped me navigate some challenging family business issues for which I am very grateful.

Good Luck in your new venture, access to support is exactly what start ups and small businesses need.

Gill Hall, Managing Director, Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses Ltd

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