Strategyze It

Put the CUSTOMER at the heart of your decision making!

Key to any business success is its ability to change, that could be: direction, team, culture, customer, product, service, process!  Sorting through all that noise and coming up with a coherent, well developed plan of action is time consuming and mentally draining!  Sound familiar?

That’s where plotting your ideas using a brilliant business tool, the Business Model Canvas, with a person who listens, who asks challenging questions, who develops actions with you, and gets all those genius ideas UNSCRAMBLED into your best actionable business model.

It’s your LIVING, BREATHING, VISUAL CUSTOMER-LED operating plan, to get you investment ready.

What does it cover:

  1. Who is your CUSTOMER?

  2. What VLAUE do you really add?

  3. How does your customer get to you…what’s the CHANNEL?

  4. How close are you to your customer, what will the RELATIONSHIP look like?

  5. How will your PRICING capturing the value?

  6. What about the RESOURCES? Have you got everything you need to delight your customer?

  7. What is KEY to get your PERFORMANCE best in class and what is not?

  8. Who can you PARTNER/COLLABORATE with to get you there?

  9. What will the model COST in real terms?

We can deliver a ‘STRATEGYZE IT’ session with you and your team ONLINE or in PERSON – your choice.  Depending on how developed your plans are we would suggest you have a second STRATEGYZE IT session, add in cash flow forecasting to get your business growth INVESTMENT READY.

What will it COST?   

£300 + VAT

What will I get?

  • You will leave with a clear flexible business model

  • You will have a focus on your proposition, people, place, process and profit

  • Time out (3-hours) to work ON your business

  • You will have access to your own Business Model Canvas

  • You will get a detailed report with agreed actions for you to take

You then have the option to either:

  • Go it alone
  • Book a second session to develop the plan further add cash flow forecast and pitch deck to get investment ready.

  • Add a series of ‘keep on track’ sessions at The Guild or OnLine at £75 + VAT

If you need to Unscramble; Scope new creative ideas with your Exec Team;  develop the business model for a new product or service,  or create your start up business model, then STRATEGYZE IT is you.

CHANGE is great when you STRATEGYZE IT!