Lead like a ‘bat out of hell’

How do you lead?

The last couple of years have truly tested leadership skills.  Many of us now feel we need to retune our leadership style.  This isn’t a seismic shift in our styles just  a check that we are still leading our teams in the direction we want to go in.

Different goals

We all build our lives differently. As leaders and managers we all have goals we aim for. These goals can be transient and can be left behind. Or goals can be attached to our very soul and can’t be let go. One persons driving ambition may seem a folly to another. The trick is not to let go of what you really want to do.

Different theme tunes

In a way this is reflected in our different tastes in music. We all have different tracks that just hit our sole. That means we all have musicians who we have never met who have had a huge effect on our lives.

One of ours was Meatloaf a highly unlikely rock star who sadly left us this January.

Why ‘Bat out of Hell?’

Meatloaf’s iconic theme tune ‘Bat of Hell‘ will not be to everyone’s tastes. Now, if you have time, please bear with me and listen to the words in the track carefully.

Clearly the character in the song had issues BUT nothing including death would divert him from his goal.

Ask yourself how strongly are you attached to your organizations goals? More importantly how attached is your team to the goals you are aiming for?

Tuning in

These last few months we have worked with students on the very start of building their businesses, with Cumbrian Businesses building and growing their businesses and with individuals and organizations giving their time to help fix global problems around carbon emissions and the the faltering health system.

 Creating a solution

We are now working with a small group to build a leadership program for businesses with a turnover of £4m – £50m here in the North that will be second to none.

If you are interested in creating a business community that will achieve its goals please give us a call now: phone, email details here

If your not ready to lead like a bat out of hell BUT want to shout about how you are achieving your goals please share what you’ve done with us on Facebook, Linked in or Twitter…let’s make a change today.

Leadership, management and productivity

Leadership with management and how they feed productivity

Are you a great leader or a great manager or a bit of both?  If so, does your team always find the most productive way of meeting your clients needs?

Productivity isn’t just the most recent buzz word.  It is a state of mind our country really needs to embrace.  The Be the Business event in the Houses of Parliament last week brought together business leaders and politicians to explore ways of increasing the UKs comparative productivity.  MP Andrew Griffith hosted the parliamentary reception and Tony Danker spoke very eloquently on the opportunity for government to back business productivity and level up the opportunity for every business to improve their performance.

Great opportunity to discuss these issues with leaders like Paula Carter, and Jenny Cridland

Leaders have followers, managers have a team

What strikes me about good leaders is that they are surrounded by people who genuinely value their plans and clearly understand them.  What really hits me about great leaders is that people are willing to follow them.  Sometimes without clearly understanding their plans.  Good leaders manage people and are truly great managers.  Great leaders inspire people.  They pass on the day to day management of their people to managers who really understand what is needed from the team.

Good managers achieve everything that is asked of them by their leaders.  But great managers achieve everything the leader wants before the leader asks them to do it.

Good management skills can be taught and with hard work they can be implemented in any team.  Great management skills only happen when a good manager works with a great leader.

A business led by a good leader and a good management team can become one of the most productive teams in its sector by adapting the best management techniques used in or around the sector.  The same business could be a class leader in productivity if it is led by a great leader who looks beyond their sector and enables their management team to create world beating systems.

Leaders are Readers (thanks Barry)

The big question many of us find is how do we develop great managers and how do great leaders grow? Some of the answers to these questions came out at a dinner debate for business organised by Joanne Holborn of Baines Wilson and ourselves (Thomas Jardine & Co).   We’re not going to go into too much detail here about what was a fascinating night. The dinner was based around a discussion on Cumbria as “the place to work”.

One of the recurring themes was how do we create great managers.  The other which was fascinating was how do we as business leaders become the best leaders we can be?  The main answer to this was always be prepared to learn and get out and see what is not familiar.  As Barry Leahey succinctly put it leaders are readers.  Leaders always want to learn more.  Great leaders are driven to continuous improvement.

Lets drive great leadership and great managers

Thomas Jardine & Co are really pleased to be working with Be the Business who are driving the productivity challenge forward.  We are also immensely proud to be asked to work with the likes of Baines Wilson who believe and directly invest in their place.

The future of leadership and management in Cumbria is looking great.  The positive, realistic energy in the room for both the Be the Business Parliamentary Reception and Cumbrian Dinner Debate was palpable.  Let’s embrace the national and regional drive to create great leaders and managers .  Productivity thrives when a business has great leaders and great managers.